Raj Ridvan Singh

Founder & CEO, Education, Revolutionist, SOLS 24/7 Malaysia


Teacher Raj’s motivation to dedicate his life to his country and fellow Malaysian’s stems from his gratitude to be born in a country that provided him safety and opportunities to build his dreams.

Driven by his passion for education, social entrepreneurship and innovative approaches to social service, Teacher Raj founded two arms to reach out to Malaysian’s and ASEAN communities. The first, SOLS 24/7 Malaysia, an NGO committed to serving, educating and empowering communities throughout Malaysia and secondly, SOLS Social Enterprises that focuses on the Education, Technology, Energy and Health sectors.

At 33, he raised over RM 40 million in cash and in-kind donations to serve poor communities throughout the region. He has also partnered with major conglomerates, corporations and philanthropists to change the world with the SOLS methodology and principles of education.

More than 220,000 individuals have benefitted directly and 1 million indirectly from the programs and services provided by SOLS 24/7 in ASEAN and Malaysia.

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