Gamal Albinsaid

Founder Garbage Clinical Insurance, Indonesia Medika

Gamal Albinsaid

Gamal Albinsaid, the 25-years-old, a young doctor, researcher, technopreneur, and sociopreneur from Indonesia. Gamal is founder of Garbage Clinical Insurance. Gamal got Mentoring from Cambridge Program Sustainability Leadership. He was invited to Buckingham Palace to dinner with Prince Charles because of his initiative and Prince Charles said “I would like to give my warmest congratulations to Gamal Albinsaid for his marvelous initiative. This idea handles two problems at the same time”.

He has developed some innovative products, such as Garbage Clinical Insurance, Portable Baby’s Enhancer (portable audio belt for pregnant woman to enhance brain’s fetus development with music therapy), The Mother Happiness Center (modern mental health facilities to help mothers enjoy pregnancy), Mobile Hospital (hospital that can be easily disassembled, transported, and re-opened in 24-hours), and Hospital Information System Data Optimization (database processing with automatic variable analysis), Dung Clinical Insurance, Malang Integrated Hospital Information System, Platform to build awareness and willingness to health policy.

Gamal Albinsaid, initiated Garbage Clinical Insurance, micro health insurance program which uses garbage as financial resources. The program has been replicated in a lot of cities in Indonesia. He work with 45 youth people aged 18-26. He was invited to present this idea in California University, Cambridge University, Asian Development Bank, etc. Garbage Clinical Insurance aim to replicating its program in other places to enhance and spread its usefulness in broader zones. Today, He has support replications in other region, such as 17 government agency, 21 University, 18 NGO and company. But this is not enough for him. Frankly, he is not satisfied yet with what he did. His goal is not onlycreate breakthrough program, but also how to make it more eective and ecient. Through those program, he hope to accomplish problem in my own country and Indonesia could possess better human resources quality.

He has also conducted a lot of scientific and social works. He has achieved 35 awards from both national and international bodies, including The The HRH Prince of Wales Young Sustainability Entrepreneur from Buckingham Palace, People Choice Award from California University, AusAID Indonesian social Innovator Award from AusAID. He has also become the Southeast Asia Regional Coordinator of ISECN, International Aairs of MITI, and remains active in various other organizations. He plays a role in developing the sustainability of the project and also concentrated on innovation in social and financial impact.

In 2015 he met John Kerry (U.S. Secretary of State) in Kuala Lumpur and John Kerry said“Garbage is a global problem in the world, I think your idea can help to solve these problem”. Kristen Bauer (The American vice Ambassador to Indonesia) visit his oce and give opinion about his idea “This program is very interesting and its benefit directly touches poor peoples for whom health benefits are dicult to access”

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