Dr. Mohd Azlan Abdul Jalil

General Manager, Johor Rural Transformation Centre, Chairman, Strategic Linkages Mini RTC - RTC - UTC Johor Chairman, Koperasi RTC Johor Berhad (KOPUTRA) & Chairman, GSAT, The Scouts Association of Malaysia


Mohd Azlan Ab Jalil hold his PhD in Computer Science, Master in Science (Tourism Planning) and Bachelor (Honors) of Technology Management from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Currently, acting both as Johor Civil Services Officer and the General Manager of the RTC Johor, Mohd Azlan is maneuvering the Johor Rural Transformation Centre (RTC Johor). Under the National Blue Ocean Strategy 4 (NBOS4) and National Blue Ocean Strategy 7 (NBOS7), RTC Johor have set up it’s the prime mission that is, to effectively transform & upgrade the quality of life of the Johor‘s citizen through NBOS strategies. Various transformative objectives have been achieved such as increasing citizen’s income by establishing more creative and innovate community projects and lowering citizen’s cost of living by providing cheaper agriculture and processed products to urban and rural consumers.

Specialties: strategic management, business strategy, consultation, balanced scorecard for profit & non-profit organization, service scorecard, strategic planning, online marketing, online advertising, training, coaching and training, human resources management, branding and marketing, publishing electronically and manually, entrepreneurship, scouting management, idea generating and business expanding

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