The Government of Malaysia – Prime Minister’s Department

Malaysia is successfully moving towards achieving its goal of becoming an advanced nation by 2020. The Prime Minister envisions a truly advanced country where people enjoy high income along with a greater level of public well-being. To achieve this, the Malaysian Government is applying the blue ocean strategy principles of high impact, low cost and rapid execution to national development through National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS).


Ministry of Finance – National Strategy Unit

The National Strategy Unit (NSU) under the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia was established in 2012 primarily as the overall secretariat for the management of the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) initiatives that focus on social transformation. This include reviewing budgetary requirement and dispersing allocation, assessing impact against creativity index, facilitating engagement between relevant parties to collaborate, reviewing and recommending proposals of new initiatives, and communicating information on NBOS to the Public Sector and also to the general public. NSU is also responsible as the implementing unit for NBOS initiatives led by the Ministry of Finance, in addition to assist in developing NBOS related policies as well as implementing other ad-hoc social impact activities.


Razak School Of Government (RSOG)

The Razak School of Government (RSOG) is established to spearhead the intellectual and professional development of the nation’s public sector leaders. This is in line with the nation’s aspiration and commitment to advancing the public’s interest and well-being by ensuring that our most valuable capital, the people of Malaysia, are equipped to embrace present and future challenges. Further information can be obtained at www.rsog.com.my


National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS)

As Malaysia continues its ambitious journey towards becoming an advanced nation by 2020, the government has adopted Blue Ocean Strategy in its strategic planning and operations to deliver programs and services to the public that are high impact, low cost, and rapidly executed. Further information can be obtained at www.nbos.gov.my

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