Bryan Loo

Founder, Chatime


Bryan Loo is the Managing Director of Chatime Malaysia, a world renowned bubble tea brand from Taiwan that is currently present in 28 countries. Born and raised in a small town, the 31-year-old entrepreneur began his exponential journey beginning at Monash University of Melbourne Australia when he first graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology.

After spending two years building his CV in medical market research, Loo reached a professional turning point and decided to make a mark in the local F&B industry instead. Gaining business acumen from his father, Loo began investing his time building on ideas that could serve existing demands in Malaysia.

Paying a visit to Taiwan and sticking his nose in franchise fairs, Loo caught sight of a promising venture which he eventually turned into a million-dollar business by just selling lifestyle beverages! Believing that there was a void to fill in the tea industry, a revolutionary decision of bringing Chatime to Malaysia was Bryan Loo’s first step in the right direction to building a successful brand.

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